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How We Do What We Do

Girls Leadership Collaborative is a leadership development organization that empowers girls, equips educators, and supports parents as they guide their daughters to become agents of change in their communities. Using a variety of formats, Girls Leadership Collaborative programs delve into group formation theory to better understand adolescent behaviors and motivations. Through peer-led team building exercises, as well as peer-designed group challenges and games, girls will experience a safe, supportive environment. Our researched-based, individualized curriculum explores leadership behaviors and uncovers personal passions. Central to each of our programs are our service learning experiences, which are available to past or current program participants.

GLC offers after school programs and summer camps.  We offer developmentally designed, individualized programs for schools or community locations for girls in grades 3rd-5th and 6th-8th. Our girls can continue with the work by becomming a youth or teen mentor at our summer camps or a teens mentors in our after school programs. We offer high school and college internships, and train individuals drawn to this work as facilitators for our programs. Many of our facilitators are educators. We use a co-facilitation as a training model for those intersted in becomming a facilitator, pairing founding facilitators with new to this work. 

Girls Leadership Collaborative draws from the research from many thought leaders and expert practitioners such as JoAnn Deak PhD, David Sousa, and Tony Wagner to name a few. We inform our work through Strength’s Based Leadership practices.  Research driven, yet accessible and fun for young people, GLC seeks to contribute to the social and emotional development of adolescent girls in the following ways:

  • Equip girls to develop and identify as leaders
  • Use Strengths-Based Leadership tool
  • Identify and develop passions
  • Develop verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Undcover phenomena related to gender bias and blindspots
  • Understanding social interaction in adolescence and group formation theory
  • Application of leadership skills designing philanthropic projects
  • Leadership = Altruistism
  • Collaboration vs. Cooperation for global change

GLC enthusiastically celebrates the following non-profits:

To contribute directly to the RI Food Bank click here.

To contribute directly to Shri click here.