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Outdoor challenges, ropes course (low and high), kayaking, youth designed games, art projects, role play, scavenger hunts, yoga, and so much more! Come develop your voice in an inclusive, supportive and exciting environment with other young leaders. Hands-on leadership experience where participants will identify personal leadership styles and individual strengths while developing community and having fun! Participants will design, implement and assess team challenged and identify personal leadership styles and individual strengths. Participants will emerge prepared to translate passions into service opportunities, collaborate effectively, and utilize appropriate skills in order to lead others in a variety of settings.

Here’s what girls are saying about being a part of our programs and summer camp:

My understanding of leadership has changed completely. I used to think that a leader had mostly his or her ideas heard and was one of the popular kids. A leader had to have her idea come first and more responsibility with presenting the idea. A leader had to be the boss. Now, I believe a leader has to be honest and make sure everyone’s ideas are heard and are incorporated in the final result. A leader has to be honest, loyal, and extremely trustworthy. A leaders lifts up others and creates opportunities to allow others feel significant and useful. ¬†GLC has taught me all of this and more. (5th grader)

I learned that to be a leader, it’s not about your power, but your ability to empower others. (7th grader)

I’ve always thought leadership was about being the best. But actually I realize that you have to have your ups and downs and you have to fail, so that you can always try again and never give up. (6th grader)

Something I learned that surprised me was that being the leader isn’t just being your class president, or having some sort of title. It’s about helping others out, standing up for you and your friends, showing that you’re trustworthy inspiring and empowering others and so much more. (6th grader)

My view of myself as a leader has changed. I see myself as a stronger leader and more confident and proud of myself and my strengths. Now I will take what I’ve learned and share it with others. (4th grader)

I now know of my talents as a leader, and I will continue to find ways to help others. I see leadership differently now and I know that comes from GLC camp. (8th grader)


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Rocky Hill School

Date(s) - 08/01/2016 - 08/05/2016
9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Grades/Age Group
3rd-5th, 6th-8th



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